Building the ultimate 964 – Update 5

So to the final stages....

There have been some delays along the way but the car will be home this week. The suspension and monoballs are all fitted and the brakes now need to be bled due to the rear brake lines needing to be removed when the poly bushes were fitted.

We are currently waiting for new hand brake cable to come from Porsche Germany and then the car will just about be ready to go for a Geo.

The RS engine and gearbox mounts have been fitted so Im looking forward to getting a feel for the car with all of the new bits.

Interior wise the following will be fitted before I pick the car up, mostly from Porsche.

RS Door cards
RS Door handles
Cup Steering wheel
New Centre console
New Gear knob
New Handbrake
New Porsche 964 Cup Recaro Seats
Scroth harnesses
964 Cup floorboards

I still need a Fire extinguisher and a battery cut off switch to finish the interior but these are small details I can do myself.

I have owned the car for around 7 months and over 2 months of this it has been at various places having work completed for the project. I am massively excited about doing a track day this month (Feb) to give her a shakedown ready for Spa Francorchamps at the end of March.

Below are some recent pics of the car I was sent, which gives me some idea of how she is looking but unfortunately I still have no idea of how pleased I am going to be when I pick her up. Unfortunately I was away snowboarding when the paintwork was finished and she was put straight on a trailer and shipped to have the suspension works completed.

I will upload some more pics and a drive report after the weekend.