Building the ultimate 964 – Update 6

The car is back! 

When taking on a project like this its easy to underestimate the amount of work that needs doing. Thankfully it is really just fairly small stuff now, tidying up trim, another geo, getting track tyres fitted, cleaning.

So what is it like?

It feels like a completely different car and absolutely amazing. The grip, even on road tyres is impressive. The car just feels so together and Im sure that every penny spent has been worth it.

Suspension wise even though it has the solid top mounts and poly bushes it is still not as firm as I thought it would be. I am yet to play with the bump and rebound settings on the coil overs. 

It is certainly rigid with the cage install and pops a front wheel over certain camber situations which makes me smile.

The brakes have always been awesome with the RS setup and upgraded master cylinder so the weight loss has just emphasised this.

Its nice to have the seats and harnesses which hold me snugly in place and with the new steering wheel which is slightly dished, it makes for the perfect driving position.

I took a mate out in it yesterday who until recently worked for one of the UK Porsche publications and he said the car 'gave him goosebumps' and was much more involving than my GT2 used to be.

So what is next? I do want to change a few more things.

I need to fit the Cup car floor boards, and I also want to do the following:

Light weight battery
RS door glass
Lightweight bonnet
Engine cut of switch
Fire Extinguisher
RS engine pulley (I need to research this)
Heater blower delete (I need to research this)

I really need to put some more time in driving, and with a trip to Belgium coming up I will do just that both on road and on track. I have a feeling my Ipod may come in useful on the trip down as without any carpet and the solid engine and gearbox mounts it is quite noisy. Noisy in a good way however. I can hear the gearbox/LSD and engine all working together.

I will update after my track day.


Below are some before and after pics to show the transformation.

Front pic before


Front pic after



Interior before


Interior After




Rear pic before


Rear pic after with sunroof gone