Building the ultimate 964 – Update 2

A couple more pics before the car enters the paint booth.

Ultimately I want to paint the car Maritime blue but wanted to enjoy the car on the track for a while before it gets a pristine new paint finish.


Last night I nearly changed my mind and committed to a full paint now, but I am going to be patient. At the end of next year the engine and gearbox will come out and I will have a bare shell paint job completed.

I have plans for both the engine and the gearbox so this will give me a good opportunity to paint the car. 

Sam, who owns the body shop has been very thorough with the prep and giving me ideas and options for finishes. He is now happy that the car can be painted after removing lots of welding splatter from the cage, priming the inside and tidying.


Within the next 2 weeks I should have the car back and up to RPM for the suspension fit and a brake caliper overhaul.

I dropped into Porsche Chiswick this week and picked up some new loom clips and a nice shiny set of number plates..... its the little touches.