First Trackday!

We tested the car this week with its first track outing and it was everything I hoped it would be.

The grip was really great with the R888 tyres and I could not get it to understeer at all. The car felt so very predictable and on the limit it was so very nice to drive. I had a good friend in the car and going through a fast right hand corner I should have used more road on the exit, however I didn't :) and the car oversteered at around 100Mph... much to my passengers delight I managed to hold it. He was whooping with joy!

I did have to remove the Cup pipe as Bedford has a 98db static noise level so the only exhaust modification I ran was a de cat.

We also weighed the car this week and it came out at 1247kg with half a tank of fuel. I was happy with this considering that it has a full cage.


So Spa is in 10 days or so and I am very excited. My first visit to the legendary GP circuit and we are all looking forward to the trip. There are a few of us going 964's, Cayman S, GT3's and a Carrera GT! 

I will post pics when I get back but for now here are some pics from this weeks visit to Bedford and also a pic of the car at where she is having a full fluids change before Spa.

bedford 5bedford3bedford4Bedford2