Building the ultimate 964 – Update 4

So Christmas is upon us and I think I was ambitious to hope I would get the car completed before the festivities began, however progress has been made and the roof is complete. The car looks so much cleaner without a sunroof and also has the added benefit of weight saving from high up on the car.


The loom will be taped and refitted tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Pete who does the work is always so enthusiastic and does such great work, apparently a fair bit of weight came out of the loom which pleases me. 

I have become almost obsessive with weight saving on this project, the car was originally going to have lightweight carpet like a 964RS but as time has gone on the new carpet was sold and I am now even researching other ideas like lightweight body panels. We even made changes to the cage design to keep the weight down!

Further weight saving modifications to be done are as follows:

OEM RS door glass (4mm thick)
Carbon bonnet
Lightweight wheels (TBC)
Door modifications
Lightweight lower dash

So the rough plan now is for the car to be delivered back to Matt at ETA Motorsport on Christmas Eve and the fitting up of the doors(modified) dash, centre console, lightweight glass, harnesses etc. Once this has all be done and I have been separated from large amounts of cash, I will have the car back for a couple of days!!!

Im sure I will enjoy driving the car again but I am itching to complete this project so I will drive it to RPM Porsche so Ollie can get started on the suspension work. 

I have received the Monoball top mounts supplied by Rennline in the States and they look lovely!


I'm sure that the car is going to be fairly firm with the monoballs, KW Clubsports, Powerflex bushes and RS engine/gearbox mounts. The track is where I will see the combined benefit of these items and to test the car out I have just booked Spa Francorchamps for March :)

I will report back on my initial thoughts on the cage and other items in a week or so.

Happy Christmas!