SPA 2011!!!!

We came, we saw...... and we want to go back again!

What a circuit, for me the best circuit in the world!

The car was prepped, engine and gearbox service which included plugs, tappets oil and a full nuts and bolts checkover. Tyres and pads all done at

We set off to get the Eurotunnel and had a good journey down, who says my car is not equipped with the latest mod cons! See below pic for our cup holders.


We got to Spa and walked around the pit lane, it seemed the new GT2 RS is fairly common as is the new 458! what a place and the perfect time to have a beer in the sunshine while watching cars enter the Bus Stop and fly up Eu Rouge.... I had a good feeling!

The track day began with some light out laps to get a feel for the circuit. I have watched Spa so many times on the F1 but nothing prepares you for the real thing! The gradients and size of the place, it really is special.

I gradually built my speed up throughout the day to a pace that I am fairly happy with for my first visit to Spa and second track day in the car. What a rewarding circuit!

The car performed faultlessly and convinced me what a superb all round package it is. It really is such a visceral experience with the noise of the stripped out car, engine, gearbox, diff. The grip and the way the car changes direction and holds a corner without understeer. The cage in my rear view. All these things made the car feel so right.

I came away thinking that the car had so much more to give and with adjustments to the suspension setup I could be so much quicker and learn so much more.

A truly great weekend away! I also got a passenger ride an a friends Carrera GT which is such a stunning machine! See the video below.

Here is a video of the 964 too. Apologies for the positioning of the camera. 

I happen upon a 997GT3 at around 1 minute in and you can see what effect all the weight loss has had.

Here are some pics that sum the trip up..... For now I have Spa blues... until the next visit!