Magazine feature in Total 911

A big thank you to Phil Raby of Total 911 magazine for writing an article about my 964. You can find the article in issue 77 which came out on the 13th July 20011.


Also thanks to James Lipman who is a very talented Photgrapher

Some pics that James took for Total 911....


The car is for sale!

Yes after all the work the car is for sale, hopefully I will still have her for Spa in October but the plan is to race next year and the 964 will go in place of a race car and a road car, possibly a GT3.

Please message me if you are interested in seeing or driving the car with a view to buying.

A link to the advert on Pistonheads and also selection of images that sum up the ownership experience that I have had.





Pre Track Day Preparation

I had booked to go to the Ring in April however the realisation that a good friend had booked the tickets for the Bank holiday and also works on the car that had over run meant that I did not go. 

Brands Hatch is booked for May which I am looking forward to as it is my local circuit and I can concentrate on the car and setup.

I have been thinking about weight loss more and more and my target is now 1150kg which is just under 100kg's less than the car is now. I am sure I can get there if I am imaginative!

This months weight loss saw the deletion of the rear blower motor which was replaced with a Porsche Motorsport Cup bypass pipe. While Nine Excellence completed the work they had the fan and shroud painted black to make the engine bay look more presentable.

The offending item


The cleaner look


So until the next instalments when I will be chipping away at the kilograms to get the weight to 1150kg's here are some pics of the car after it was treated to hours of cleaning, the results were pleasing!




SPA 2011!!!!

We came, we saw...... and we want to go back again!

What a circuit, for me the best circuit in the world!

The car was prepped, engine and gearbox service which included plugs, tappets oil and a full nuts and bolts checkover. Tyres and pads all done at

We set off to get the Eurotunnel and had a good journey down, who says my car is not equipped with the latest mod cons! See below pic for our cup holders.


We got to Spa and walked around the pit lane, it seemed the new GT2 RS is fairly common as is the new 458! what a place and the perfect time to have a beer in the sunshine while watching cars enter the Bus Stop and fly up Eu Rouge.... I had a good feeling!

The track day began with some light out laps to get a feel for the circuit. I have watched Spa so many times on the F1 but nothing prepares you for the real thing! The gradients and size of the place, it really is special.

I gradually built my speed up throughout the day to a pace that I am fairly happy with for my first visit to Spa and second track day in the car. What a rewarding circuit!

The car performed faultlessly and convinced me what a superb all round package it is. It really is such a visceral experience with the noise of the stripped out car, engine, gearbox, diff. The grip and the way the car changes direction and holds a corner without understeer. The cage in my rear view. All these things made the car feel so right.

I came away thinking that the car had so much more to give and with adjustments to the suspension setup I could be so much quicker and learn so much more.

A truly great weekend away! I also got a passenger ride an a friends Carrera GT which is such a stunning machine! See the video below.

Here is a video of the 964 too. Apologies for the positioning of the camera. 

I happen upon a 997GT3 at around 1 minute in and you can see what effect all the weight loss has had.

Here are some pics that sum the trip up..... For now I have Spa blues... until the next visit!





964 Build specification

I have had a couple of emails about the modifications on the car and the specification in general, so I thought I would post up a list as it has evolved a fair bit since the beginning of the project.

Suspension and chassis

  • KW Clubsport Coilovers
  • Powerflex poly bush kit - every bush replaced
  • Rennline monoball front adjustable top mounts
  • Rear monoball top mounts
  • Porsche 964RS engine and gearbox mounts
  • Front strut brace
  • Full Welded Cage


  • Porsche Recaro SPG seats 
  • Electric window delete
  • Electric mirror delete
  • Loom lightened
  • Stereo/speaker delete
  • RS doorcards
  • Cup Momo Steering wheel
  • Cup floorboards
  • New Porsche handbrake and gear knob
  • Scroth Harnesses


  • Headlight washer delete
  • Porsche 964RS rear bumper section
  • RS brake cooling ducts
  • Sunroof delete
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Lightweight rear glass


  • Porsche 964RS calipers front and rear
  • Porsche 964RS discs front and rear
  • Upgraded master cylinder
  • Braided hoses 

Engine etc

  • Engine Rebuild 
  • Sports 993RS Cams
  • Sports Throttle body
  • Modified head
  • Modified ECU
  • Porsche 964RS Flywheel and clutch 
  • Decat and Cup Pipe
  • Porsche LSD

First Trackday!

We tested the car this week with its first track outing and it was everything I hoped it would be.

The grip was really great with the R888 tyres and I could not get it to understeer at all. The car felt so very predictable and on the limit it was so very nice to drive. I had a good friend in the car and going through a fast right hand corner I should have used more road on the exit, however I didn't :) and the car oversteered at around 100Mph... much to my passengers delight I managed to hold it. He was whooping with joy!

I did have to remove the Cup pipe as Bedford has a 98db static noise level so the only exhaust modification I ran was a de cat.

We also weighed the car this week and it came out at 1247kg with half a tank of fuel. I was happy with this considering that it has a full cage.


So Spa is in 10 days or so and I am very excited. My first visit to the legendary GP circuit and we are all looking forward to the trip. There are a few of us going 964's, Cayman S, GT3's and a Carrera GT! 

I will post pics when I get back but for now here are some pics from this weeks visit to Bedford and also a pic of the car at where she is having a full fluids change before Spa.

bedford 5bedford3bedford4Bedford2

Building the ultimate 964 – Update 6

The car is back! 

When taking on a project like this its easy to underestimate the amount of work that needs doing. Thankfully it is really just fairly small stuff now, tidying up trim, another geo, getting track tyres fitted, cleaning.

So what is it like?

It feels like a completely different car and absolutely amazing. The grip, even on road tyres is impressive. The car just feels so together and Im sure that every penny spent has been worth it.

Suspension wise even though it has the solid top mounts and poly bushes it is still not as firm as I thought it would be. I am yet to play with the bump and rebound settings on the coil overs. 

It is certainly rigid with the cage install and pops a front wheel over certain camber situations which makes me smile.

The brakes have always been awesome with the RS setup and upgraded master cylinder so the weight loss has just emphasised this.

Its nice to have the seats and harnesses which hold me snugly in place and with the new steering wheel which is slightly dished, it makes for the perfect driving position.

I took a mate out in it yesterday who until recently worked for one of the UK Porsche publications and he said the car 'gave him goosebumps' and was much more involving than my GT2 used to be.

So what is next? I do want to change a few more things.

I need to fit the Cup car floor boards, and I also want to do the following:

Light weight battery
RS door glass
Lightweight bonnet
Engine cut of switch
Fire Extinguisher
RS engine pulley (I need to research this)
Heater blower delete (I need to research this)

I really need to put some more time in driving, and with a trip to Belgium coming up I will do just that both on road and on track. I have a feeling my Ipod may come in useful on the trip down as without any carpet and the solid engine and gearbox mounts it is quite noisy. Noisy in a good way however. I can hear the gearbox/LSD and engine all working together.

I will update after my track day.


Below are some before and after pics to show the transformation.

Front pic before


Front pic after



Interior before


Interior After




Rear pic before


Rear pic after with sunroof gone


Building the ultimate 964 – Update 5

So to the final stages....

There have been some delays along the way but the car will be home this week. The suspension and monoballs are all fitted and the brakes now need to be bled due to the rear brake lines needing to be removed when the poly bushes were fitted.

We are currently waiting for new hand brake cable to come from Porsche Germany and then the car will just about be ready to go for a Geo.

The RS engine and gearbox mounts have been fitted so Im looking forward to getting a feel for the car with all of the new bits.

Interior wise the following will be fitted before I pick the car up, mostly from Porsche.

RS Door cards
RS Door handles
Cup Steering wheel
New Centre console
New Gear knob
New Handbrake
New Porsche 964 Cup Recaro Seats
Scroth harnesses
964 Cup floorboards

I still need a Fire extinguisher and a battery cut off switch to finish the interior but these are small details I can do myself.

I have owned the car for around 7 months and over 2 months of this it has been at various places having work completed for the project. I am massively excited about doing a track day this month (Feb) to give her a shakedown ready for Spa Francorchamps at the end of March.

Below are some recent pics of the car I was sent, which gives me some idea of how she is looking but unfortunately I still have no idea of how pleased I am going to be when I pick her up. Unfortunately I was away snowboarding when the paintwork was finished and she was put straight on a trailer and shipped to have the suspension works completed.

I will upload some more pics and a drive report after the weekend.


Building the ultimate 964 – Update 4

So Christmas is upon us and I think I was ambitious to hope I would get the car completed before the festivities began, however progress has been made and the roof is complete. The car looks so much cleaner without a sunroof and also has the added benefit of weight saving from high up on the car.


The loom will be taped and refitted tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Pete who does the work is always so enthusiastic and does such great work, apparently a fair bit of weight came out of the loom which pleases me. 

I have become almost obsessive with weight saving on this project, the car was originally going to have lightweight carpet like a 964RS but as time has gone on the new carpet was sold and I am now even researching other ideas like lightweight body panels. We even made changes to the cage design to keep the weight down!

Further weight saving modifications to be done are as follows:

OEM RS door glass (4mm thick)
Carbon bonnet
Lightweight wheels (TBC)
Door modifications
Lightweight lower dash

So the rough plan now is for the car to be delivered back to Matt at ETA Motorsport on Christmas Eve and the fitting up of the doors(modified) dash, centre console, lightweight glass, harnesses etc. Once this has all be done and I have been separated from large amounts of cash, I will have the car back for a couple of days!!!

Im sure I will enjoy driving the car again but I am itching to complete this project so I will drive it to RPM Porsche so Ollie can get started on the suspension work. 

I have received the Monoball top mounts supplied by Rennline in the States and they look lovely!


I'm sure that the car is going to be fairly firm with the monoballs, KW Clubsports, Powerflex bushes and RS engine/gearbox mounts. The track is where I will see the combined benefit of these items and to test the car out I have just booked Spa Francorchamps for March :)

I will report back on my initial thoughts on the cage and other items in a week or so.

Happy Christmas!

Building the ultimate 964 – Update 3

We have paint!

The recent snow here pretty much brought everything to a standstill, including my project. We are back on track now however and from the pic that I received earlier it has definitely been worth the wait.

The roof will be fitted up and finished over the next week and the car can be built up ready to drive to RPM. I could see the car again before Christmas which will be nice as I have not driven anything fun for what seems ages. As a result of this I bought another car as a run around and track day toy for wet days but this is another story...  :)

Im looking forward to seeing Pete's work with the loom fitting now he has lightened it. It will be also interesting to talk to his trimmer as he thinks that key parts of the interior furnished in alcantara will look good.... I think I might agree!

I seem to have car parts everywhere and I cannot wait to see it all come together. 

The new steering wheel turned up this week.
Pasted Graphic 2

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 3

Building the ultimate 964 – Update 2

A couple more pics before the car enters the paint booth.

Ultimately I want to paint the car Maritime blue but wanted to enjoy the car on the track for a while before it gets a pristine new paint finish.


Last night I nearly changed my mind and committed to a full paint now, but I am going to be patient. At the end of next year the engine and gearbox will come out and I will have a bare shell paint job completed.

I have plans for both the engine and the gearbox so this will give me a good opportunity to paint the car. 

Sam, who owns the body shop has been very thorough with the prep and giving me ideas and options for finishes. He is now happy that the car can be painted after removing lots of welding splatter from the cage, priming the inside and tidying.


Within the next 2 weeks I should have the car back and up to RPM for the suspension fit and a brake caliper overhaul.

I dropped into Porsche Chiswick this week and picked up some new loom clips and a nice shiny set of number plates..... its the little touches.

Building the ultimate 964 – Update 1

To bring this web page up to speed with where I am with the build, the car is currently at the paint shop having been stripped and had the weld in cage installed. It seems that my idea of stripped and Matt at ETA Motorsports idea of stripped are 2 different things!

The paint shop has been slow going, partly because they are busy and also because of the amount of prep that goes into a job like this. My remit on the interior finish is that I'd like it to be bodywork quality and in a style very close to the Guards red car on the homepage.

I have a box of items which seem to be growing at RPM Technik who are the Porsche specialist that I use, who incidentally have been fantastic throughout the whole selection of a car to current state of build.

I have sat ready to go onto the car:

KW Clubsports (Thank you to Richard at KW)
Powerflex poly bush kit
RS engine and gearbox mounts
Rennline monoball front top mounts
Recaro SPG seats now Porsche crested Thanks to Southbound
RS doorcards (Southbound)
New handbrake and gearknob
New door entry trim
Lightweight rear glass
Scroth Harnesses
Momo steering wheel

Once the car is ready to be fitted back up by ETA Motorsport, Pete from VT Systems who has lightened the loom of all things not needed anymore will re-tape the loom and fit the alcantara dash.

Pete is a great Auto Electrician who has worked on many race cars and has an extremely high standard of work.

The car should soon be ready for transport to RPM for the remainder of the works.

I will take some more pics once the roof has been finished and the interior has been painted later this week.