There is something that excites me about cars built for motorsport. When I get into a car that has a roll cage, a fire extinguisher, harnesses or an engine kill switch. I cannot describe exactly what it is, but if you have landed on this site no doubt you will probably agree. 


This site has been put together to document the build of my Porsche 911 964 Carrera 2 into a Cup spec road and track car.
I bought my silver 964 during summer of last year (2010) as it was already some way towards where I wanted it to be having some well thought out modifications. It was more than I had initially wanted to spend and in a colour I had said I definitely did not want, but after driving it and looking over the extensive history log I decided it was a good base car for me.

Ironically, looking through the option codes on the owners booklet, some of the options specified when new were the very things I was looking to change first but I reasoned that I would wait an eternity for a perfect car, Manual C2 with no sunroof, LSD and no rear wiper.....

Mods completed already

An engine rebuild by JZ Machtech at 91786 miles Included Roock 993RS sports cams and larger throttle body with some head work. A performance chip, De-Cat & Cup exhaust pipe. An RS clutch and flywheel kit was also fitted. 

The car came with many receipts for the parts and work carried out as well as dyno printouts from JZ Machtech measuring the power at 292 BHP at the flywheel (265 BHP at the wheels) with 279lbs of torque.

A Roock suspension kit had been fitted & corner weighted to an RS setup.  

A full 964RS braking system had been fitted including calipers and discs. Cooling ducts had been plumbed in to improve braking efficiency.

Buying a 20 year old car was a big jump for me in age and performance, I still owned a 650bhp 996 GT2 at the time and was concerned that even though I had decided I preferred normally aspirated cars I would miss the performance.

I had spoken to a few owners before spending my money and had some positive feedback from a friend who owns a 997 GT3 Gen2 as well as a 964C2 and he loved both equally.

I had always loved the 964 since being a child so this project seemed to be a good use of my money and time to build the perfect car for track days as well as the odd road trip and sunny Sunday drives.

It seems I have learnt a lot in the last 6 months about 964's  and with a bit of research and a lot of help I will build what I hope will be a very focused, Cup spec 964 which is a lot of fun to drive and looks fantastic.

I will update this with my progress and pics.